Recovering Well 
Monday, February 23, 2009, 09:31 PM
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All week long, I was amazed at how good I felt. My legs were a little sluggish when running, but there was no pain or soreness. What a difference it makes to run on trails as opposed to the road!

We joined the usual Saturday morning crew this weekend for a 50-mile ride on the tandem. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning and we gradually stripped off layers as the temperature climbed into the 70's. On the way home, we stopped to check out a new Bosnian restaurant, Chef Alisah's. I had no idea what Bosnian food actually was, but am always up for a culinary adventure…and luckily Paul is too!

We shared a vegetable and cheese plate that was delicious, although a bit on the salty side, followed by chicken kabobs that were wonderful. I don't know if they'll survive this economy as it was pretty slow for a Saturday lunch, but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal and plan to go back.

On Sunday, we had a leisurely morning before driving up to Catalina State Park for a 10-mile trail run. It didn't take long to realize that my legs were still recovering from last weekend's race and so I just took it easy. We took the Bridal Path to the 50 Year Trail to the Sutherland Trail. I had forgotten just how rocky this course is. There is an especially long, rocky climb on the Sutherland Trail that I was not happy about.

Once again, we had beautiful weather. When we got closer to the trail head, it was great to see lots of hikers (and dogs) out enjoying the park. I was pleased to complete the run in 2:26, which was just a few minutes faster than the last time I ran this loop back in December. I felt good - tired, but healthy. Paul is training for the Old Pueblo 50 Mile race on March 7, and so, when I got in the car to drive home, he continued on foot, adding another 10 miles to his run.

Now, my focus will abruptly turn to cycling as I'll be riding over 150 miles this coming weekend. For the second year, Paul and I decided to forgo Christmas presents and, instead, each plan a mystery weekend sometime during the year. Paul's planned trip begins this Wednesday evening. I've been told to be home from work at 5pm, so that we can drive to the airport and fly...somewhere.

Stayed tuned for the Mystery Weekend Report!
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