Run Gloucester Race Report 
Sunday, August 22, 2010, 07:42 PM
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I put the inaugural Run Gloucester 7-miler on my calendar months ago (while still living in Tucson, in fact), but was starting to have racerís remorse as it drew near. Our weekends have been jam-packed with house hunting; itís a 45-minute drive away; and the seacoast-hugging course is chock full of hills. I just wasnít feeling it. But, having roped my brother-in-law, Jon, into signing up, there was no backing out.

It turns out that this race was exactly what I needed. The morning couldnít have been more glorious. I had one of those happy-to-be-alive, nothing-hurts, a-chorus-of-angels-singing in the background kind of runs.

I toed the starting line (or rather my spot in between the 9 and 10 minute/mile pace starting corrals) with no expectations, no goals and no real plan except to run comfortably. After chasing down PRís at the past few races, it was a relief to just run. Run and enjoy the iconic New England coastal scenery. Run and joke with my fellow middle-of-the-packers about our mediocrity. Run and high-five the kids and thank the volunteers.

I enjoyed every minute of it. Or, to be exact, every 68 minutes and 54 seconds of it.

I congratulate DMSE on a well-organized event. The course was one of the most scenic Iíve run and, as a bonus, was closed to traffic. Aid stations were numerous and well-staffed. Post-race food was plentiful and varied with bananas, yogurt & granola, protein drinks and clam chowder. Iíve had post-race breakfast burritos in Tucson, so why not clam chowder in Americaís oldest seaport?

Before heading home, we celebrated the morningís accomplishment with another Massachusetts mainstay, Dunkin Donuts coffee.

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