A Life Update 
Thursday, January 6, 2011, 01:17 PM
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Yes, I am still alive.

My last blog entry was posted just prior to the start of two wonderful, but time-intensive, major life events - a Master's degree program and a new job. Throw in a move (more on that later) and there's been little time for blogging since. With a week off over the holidays, however, I took a few minutes to draft a note to bring my blog up to date.

Fourteen years after graduating from Mount Holyoke, I finally enrolled in graduate school with the online Integrated Marketing Communications program at West Virginia University. The thought of being a student after all those years was daunting, but I felt I needed more education to get caught up in the marketing field. I have now finished my second course and am really enjoying the material. It is an intense program, however, and I'm grateful for the two week break before class number three, Creative Strategy, begins.

I'm pleased to report that this blog played a role in landing my job as communications manager at Cummings Properties! Who would have thought? I absolutely love my job and am excited for what the future holds in this part of my life.

After about five months in a temporary apartment in Cambridge, we found an amazing house in Reading, about 10 miles north of Boston. We're still unpacking boxes and need to figure out a doggie door/fence system, but it's home and we love it.

My wonderful husband is working for Northern Power System (on wind turbines) and splits his time between Cambridge and Barre, Vermont. He has also begun his base training for Ironman Lake Placid next July.

2010 has been a truly amazing year: we quit our jobs, had a once-in-a-lifetime west coast road trip, drove across the country with our dogs, had a fantastic summer in the city, landed new jobs, went back to school, found a new house. It's hard to believe we fit all this in!

2011 promises to be much more settled, but I have high hopes that it will be full of adventure, fun, and happiness. I wish the same to you as well!

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