A Weekend of Training 
Sunday, December 7, 2008, 09:40 PM
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Friday - The Gym
I hit LA Fitness in the morning for a great full-body workout. In the future, there will be increased strength, better running and a more toned body. In the meantime, there will be sore muscles. It's a good sore. A healthy sore. But, still...sore. Later in the day, and especially the next day, my quads, hamstrings and glutes protested with every single step.

Saturday - The Bike
A number of Paul's co-workers get together for a regular Saturday morning ride. When Paul joins them solo, he's near the front of the pack, leading the way up the hills. When we go together on our tandem, we work like hell to hang on to the back of the pack. I'm not very strong on the bike, but, luckily, Paul enjoys my company enough to pull my butt up the hills and make up for my weak (and sore) legs.

And so we bundled up (it was 45 degrees) and pedaled to our usual Starbucks meeting spot. There was a good turnout with about 15 bikes, including three tandems. We rode a total of 42 miles, heading up to Saddlebrook via Lago del Oro and doing the very hilly Ocotillo Loop before coasting back to town for coffee (or, in my case, steamed milk, mmm...) and conversation.

The rest of the day was jam-packed with a visit to my hospice patient, volunteering at the Tucson Marathon expo and Paul's work holiday party. Phew!

Sunday - The Run
After loving our trail run last weekend, I had suggested doing the Bear Canyon Loop, a 17-ish mile run in Sabino Canyon that I have never done. However, after yesterday's ride and a very late evening, I scaled back my plans and we opted for a 10-mile loop from our house. I noticed right away that my quads felt much better, but that the cycling had made my shins pretty sore (I had been pushing pretty hard, so as not to embarrass my captain - a.k.a. Paul). It was slow-going, but everything loosened up after a while.

Paul suggested doing some hill repeats to aid in my preparation for Pemberton. Our running loop has an area of short, steep, rolling, dirt hills - and they kicked my butt. They've given me something to work toward and I'll definitely be back to conquer them.

After surviving the hills, Paul took the house keys and ran ahead, so that he could take the dogs out for a little exercise. And, as I turned onto our street, this is what I saw:

How cute are they?!? And this is what they looked like moments later as they took off ahead of me:

Tomorrow will be a rest day - I think I've earned it.
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