I Got a New Camera! 
Sunday, November 9, 2008, 09:39 PM
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Two posts in one day - this is unprecedented! But, as you can see, I'm excited about my new toy.

One of Paul's hobbies is photography which means we have a really nice camera that I don't know how to use. It's also a large camera which makes it difficult to bring on runs or bike rides. And Paul probably gets tired of me bugging him to download photos, so that I can post them on my blog. For all of these reasons, we bought a small, simple camera.

I tried it out this morning at The Blessing of the Animals at St. Philip's Church. What a neat event! There were a bunch of dogs, a cat, a horse, a fish in a fishbowl and a little furry creature of some kind in a cage. Here we are with our friend, Dave, who told us about the event and his dog Holly.

And this one is my favorite!

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