Two Weeks and Counting 
Sunday, November 2, 2008, 09:22 PM
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Last weekend, I did my final long run for the marathon - 21 miles - and then went to a festival and a going away party. I couldn't believe how good I felt and how much energy I had! Sure, I was a little stiff for a few days, but it was nothing like the pain I had anticipated - the kind that turns your walk into a shuffle and forces you to descend stairs backwards.

I had good workouts this week and was feeling optimistic about my final speed workout as I jogged to the track yesterday morning, intending to do nine or ten Yasso 800's. During my first 800, it became abundantly clear that I was NOT recovered from the 21-miler. My legs felt dead. I stuck with it for 4 x 800 and then headed back home for a total workout of 6-miles. Not exactly what I had planned...but I'm tapering, right?

This morning, Paul and I headed out on the tandem. Now that it's not insanely hot (the high was only about 90 today), we slept in and headed out with a plan to ride for a few hours and then stop for lunch. Paul has taken the past few days off from exercise and so, feeling rested and strong, he pushed it while I, still having dead legs, enjoyed an easier ride on the back. Ahh...the beauty of a tandem.

We wound up at Down Home Delights, a restaurant I've driven and biked past a number of times and have always wondered about. It turned out to be a tiny little restaurant with excellent food. I highly recommend the spinach, strawberry and blue cheese salad!

Next Saturday is a short "biathlon" in Sierra Vista. No, we are not cross-country skiing and shooting rifles. Yes, that is typically what happens during a biathlon. No, I don't know why they chose the word. Yes, it makes me a little nervous about how well organized it's going to be. This race will be a 5K run followed by a 12 mile bike, and it benefits the MDA, the organization for which I work. Stay tuned for the full report!
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